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We've built over 30 tools, features and resources that help teens have safe, positive experiences, and give parents easy ways to set boundaries for their teens. You can find more information about these features in our Help Centre.

Setting up supervision on Instagram starts with just one invitation. Teens can invite a parent to supervise their account, and a parent can invite their teens to enrol in supervision. Both parties must accept their invitations, and teens must confirm their parent's identity for supervision to begin. Get started by going into settings in the Instagram app and clicking on supervision.

With supervision, parents and teens can start a conversation about how much time teens should be spending on Instagram. Setting up the daily time limit restricts the total amount of time that teens can spend on the Instagram app per day across all devices.

In addition to setting daily time limits, you can set up scheduled breaks during specific hours of the day (e.g. school hours, dinner time) with supervision. These scheduled breaks block your teen's access to Instagram during the specific hours that you choose.

If the teen that you are supervising on Instagram reports something, they have the option of letting you know about it. If they decide to let you know, you will be notified that your teen has made a report, as well as the category of the report that they selected and the account that they reported. You can visit the Education Hub for conversation guides and resources or visit the Safety Centre to learn more about how to take additional actions.

Parents can use supervision to view some of their teen's settings related to account privacy, sensitive content and messaging in the Family Centre dashboard. In addition, if any of these settings change, parents will receive a notification alerting them that changes have been made if push notifications are enabled.

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