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Connect Safely

Youth experts Dr. Hina Talib and Meta’s Nicole Lopez fireside discussion

Meta's director of youth safety policy Nicole Lopez talks with adolescent medicine specialist and pediatrician Dr. Hina Talib

Connect Safely

Age-appropriate content online: What it means for parents

Meta is evolving its policies around content that could be more sensitive for teens.

Connect Safely

Digital wellness tips for parents | ConnectSafely

Quick tips for parents to support positive online experiences for their teens.

Jed Foundation

Online social comparison and positive self-image | The Jed Foundation

A guide to helping your teen manage social comparison on and offline.

Finding balance online

Support your teen by helping them manage their time online.

Finding balance

Managing screen time

From time management to fostering positive online interactions, explore tips to help your family find–and maintain–balance with their online and offline activities.

Mindful well-being

Regulating emotions

Read more about the different experiences your family may be having online and how best to help them manage their feelings along the way.

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