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The Future is Here: Understanding Generative AI through Media Literacy

Learning how to ask questions and think deeply about the information you are consuming and creating.

Parent's Guide to Generative AI

Learn about generative AI and how you can help your teen use it safely, appropriately and productively.


Five tips on being a media literate creator | NAMLE

It's truly incredible the power that technology can give us to use our creativity and to share it with the world. But, as everyone knows, power comes with responsibility. It's vital that we learn to create media responsibly.

Connect Safely

Parent's & educator's guide to media literacy & false information | ConnectSafely

How do we explain the difference between facts and opinions? How do I spot false information?

Parent Zone UK

Handling upsetting content | ParentZone

5 ways parents can help teens deal with upsetting content on social media.


Media literacy tips on questions they might ask | NAMLE

How should you talk to your teen about social media?


Media literacy tips for parents - terms they might hear | NAMLE

Sometimes, navigating social media can feel like speaking an entirely different language.


Media literacy tips on people they might meet | NAMLE

Millions and millions of people inhabit the social media spaces where we connect, share, learn and create.


Media literacy tips for parents - media messages they might see

Is a meme a joke? Is an ad always obvious? How do you say "gif"?


Media literacy tips for parents - Connections you might make

Social media is all about connection.

Build up your media literacy and skills

Creating and sharing information

Talk with your family about the importance of taking a closer look at the details, topics and sources of information as they explore, create and share online.

Thinking twice

Evaluating different media types

Help your family to better recognize and evaluate the information they want to share and the credibility of the sources they come from.