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Help guide and protect your family against cyber threats and navigate content as they explore and interact online.

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The online world is always changing—our education hub offers tips, articles and conversation starters created by experts to help you guide your family’s online experiences.

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Supporting Age-Appropriate Experiences

How services and tools from Meta support age-appropriate experiences

Learn more about resources and tools we’ve developed to ensure that teens and young people enjoy a safe, age-appropriate experience across Meta technologies.

Parent Zone UK

Quick Guide to secure passwords | ConnectSafely

How to create secure and unique passwords and use other tools such as two-factor authentication and password managers.

Connect Safely

Quick-guide to cybersecurity | ConnectSafely

Download quick-guide (PDF): Why should we care about security?

Media Smarts

Talking to your teens about not sharing intimate images | Media Smarts

Advice for parents on how to deal with teen sexting.

Online safety

Maintaining positive interactions

Learn more about the importance of online safety and ways to help your family navigate their interactions online.

Safer experiences online

Cybersecurity explained

Learn more about cybersecurity and ways to help better protect your family online.

Safety and privacy tools

Putting their mental health first

Supporting your family’s mental health is important.