Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the app to use supervision tools.

* Enabling supervision on Facebook and Messenger will provide you with insights for each individual app

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We’ve built over 30 tools, features and resources that help teens have safe, positive experiences, and give parents easy ways to set boundaries for their teens. You can find more information about these features in our Help Center.

Setting up supervision on Facebook and Messenger starts with just one invitation. Teens can invite a parent to supervise their account, and a parent can invite their teens to enroll in supervision. Both parties must accept their invitations, and teens must confirm for supervision to begin. Get started by going into settings in the Facebook or Messenger app and selecting supervision.

You have the ability to view your teen's Facebook friends and Messenger contacts, and some of your teen's settings such as message delivery, profile and audience preferences, and story controls in Family Center. If any of these settings change, you’ll receive a notification if your notifications have been enabled.

You can view a daily average of time spent for each individual app by going to supervision, and navigating to "Time on Messenger" or "Time on Facebook".

You can see your teen's Messenger contacts list and Facebook friends list, which may include their connections on Instagram. Friends and contacts are sorted chronologically by most recently added.