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Helping families support more age-appropriate virtual reality environments.

Learn how to best support your teen’s experiences across VR as they explore immersive spaces on their Meta Quest. Access supervision tools for Meta Quest by going to parental supervision in the Meta Quest app or by visiting the Family Center dashboard.

Supervision and support

Get the tools you need to better support your teen on Meta Quest.

Explore tools and settings that can help you foster more positive VR experiences for your teen.

Go to supervision on Meta Quest

Frequently asked questions

Parents and teens can invite each other to connect on Family Center. Accepting the invite will require teens to request access to apps that are outside of their age groups. Supervision settings will continue to work if an account has recently been migrated from Facebook to Meta.

See getting started with Meta accounts for more information.

By default, teens don't have access to VR apps deemed as age-inappropriate by International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) age ratings, local youth laws, and their age from their Meta account. You'll also be able to block access to specific VR apps you find inappropriate, grant access to those you do, as well as disable Meta Quest Link and Air Link to prevent your teen from accessing content from their PC on their Quest headset.

Thanks to screen time insights, you'll be able to view the apps your teen owns and how long they've played them over the last 7 days. We are continuously working on new settings to support you and your teen on VR. Check back regularly for new updates.

You can see who your teen is connected to in VR in the “followers and following” section on Family Center.

With "Purchases and Downloads" notifications enabled, you get a Meta Quest app notification whenever your teen purchases, downloads or is gifted an app, in-app content or add-on content.