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Knowledge is power.

Insight and support from sources that you can trust.

At Meta, we're proud to work closely with trusted organisations and individuals in an effort to help support families in fostering positive online relationships.

Creating more enriching experiences online

Explore research-backed insight from leading experts in youth privacy, safety and well-being to help you and your family have a better digital experience across Meta technologies.

Our advisory initiatives

From youth safety and security to finding better balance, our advisory initiatives cover the topics that matter most to you and your teen.

Safety Advisory Council

Safety is always first. Guide your family on ways that they can stay protected against cyber threats and navigate sensitive or upsetting content as they explore and interact online.

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Meta Youth Advisors

Help your family maintain healthy relationships and more positive communication in their online communities and activities.

Expert guidance

At Meta, we partner with leading experts and trusted organisations to build positive online experiences.

NAMLEParent Zone UKConnect SafelyArizona State UniversityAAKOMA ProjectCyberbullying Research Center
Digital Wellness LabFuture of Privacy ForumInternational Bullying Prevention AssociationiWinKlikSafeProject Rockit
Media SmartsNet Family NewsOrygenSangath - It's Okay to TalkJed Foundation
LGBT TechStiftung Digital ChancenDubitSaferNetThe Diana
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